Monday, August 13, 2007

Shellshock shell, Vim, Igobot, and Irssi!

Got myself a spankin' new shell from Daniel Arbogast at and I've been pretty busy setting up Igobot. It actually took me an hour to setup Dancer-IRCD and a day to setup Dancer-Services on my system (so I can test and configure Igobot without disrupting Freenode). Then another 2 days to get Igobot and the plugins right. I know, a day setting up Dancer-Services is too much, and I'm glad I found The Golden Ear which helped me out. But I still took a few more hours to set it up correctly. I'm clueless about it's authentication. And you know me, I'm not a fan of manpages.

As for Igobot, after two days of testing it on my Dancer, I'm happy to say that my new eggdrop's ready for #support-ph and #ubuntu-ph. But then again, Murphy's Law in effect. My shell won't let me run it. Keeps on saying "No config file or Error" or something like that. That's it, no other errors except that! I asked #egghelp for help but only got unhelpful replies. I checked out the forum but I didn't get answers there either. So I asked Daniel if he's had users running eggdrop - he replied that it's working fine with his users - and then asked permission if I could compile my own Eggdrop - and he said yes! (a fine guy and very helpful). So there it is, I compiled and got Eggdrop running in a matter of minutes. Didn't take me long to get it to #support-ph and #ubuntu-ph. But I changed my mind, I have to recompile it so I could bypass the 9-character limit on usernames. I killed the first one, then recompiled, and then got the 32-character limit bot!

Then I saw two Igobots on the two channels. WTF? Damn, I should've deleted my crontab since it resurrected Igobot. PS aux doesn't show, so I let it run hoping it'll get killed somehow. I ghosted it in Nickserv, but it keeps on coming back! Damn freakin' ghost! After a few minutes, me and Glitch were surprised that Igobot logged off. Boo-Yah! I got my Igobot, configured it to recognize me as its owner and configured it the Google and Weather plugin to work. Then I added voiced users (#support-ph is moderated) and Ops (Dekoy, Mangz74, Pepesmith, and Jucato for #support-ph and Jsgotanco, Zakame, Irvin, Jucato, Dous, and Ulinskie for #ubuntu-ph - that is if they'll ever need Igobot for administrative purposes) I'm done! I'll be configuring and documenting the other plugins once I have time.

Now on with Vim. Vim is Shellshock's default editor. And I gotta learn Vim. It'll be a pain in the ass, but I'm sure it's worth it. Sure, I can always Fish the file in Konqueror and edit it using Kate on my system, but I know it'll be faster if I edit it directly on the shell. Beside's it'll conserve Shellshock's system resources if I do it there. And I get to learn Vim.

Shellshock has Screen, and I've been using it for IRC purposes too. Most notably IRSSI. This way, I'm on Freenode's nine channels 24/7 - the 10th channel is reserved for Igobot, you know, admin purposes. I'm starting to like IRSSI. The split window, the plugins, and those damn aliases. I do need to figure out though how to alias /msg chanserv to /cs and /msg nickserv to /ns. heh! It's very modular and intuitive. I like it more than BitchX - which ignores flooders like chanserv and nickserv's informative help replies.

So, a toast to Shellshock. You've been very helpful to me. I'll surely donate a few bucks to help the this excellent service.

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