Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Project List

A friend asked me "what have I been doing with my time lately". Well, I've been pretty busy with OSS stuff. Mostly on re-learning C++ and Gutsy Gibbon's testing. But here's a list:
- C++
- Java
Packaging (or at least learning how to package):
- Flock Browser v0.9.0.1
- Drupal (will try to maintain this once I know how since I've been told that it seems to be abandoned)
- Moodle (same as Drupal)
- Kubuntu Gutsy Testing
- BugSquad-QA stuff
- Server Team stuff
- still working with Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundations' Open Source Initiative.
I'm mostly into designing their network, call center classroom, and justifying costs. Will probably integrate OCW into their course as well and deliver it via Moodle. Also implement ERP into their process.
- I'll be working with a utility company in Baguio soon, mostly ERP stuff to pull up their efficiency... will give updates once I get to have a talk with the director.
- The now "almost" abandoned - heh!

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