Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SVN, Dancer-IRCD, Dictd, Autoconf, and Flashplugin-Nonfree!

I just got back from hunting fanless PSUs in our city. And I just can't find one. But I did manage to setup subversion. Too bad i can't make it work to connect via svn://. I guess I have to use webdav. This is the first time i'll extensively use a version control system to store my codes. But I'm sure it'll be worth the extra effort i put into it. Once I'm done setting it up. I'll start reading the book Practical Subversion and the ebook svnbook from red-bean.com.

Dancer-IRCD's also setup and working fine. I just can't make Dancer-Services' recognize me as an Operator. I probably need to open more man-pages to get it to recognize me. And no, it's not the password. Heh!

I also uninstalled Dictd. I don't find any need for it now or in the near future. It'll free up some much needed resources.

Oh, and autoconf & autoconf2.13 shouldn't be installed at the same time on Gutsy. KDevelop won't work with v2.13 and my system prioritizes v2.13 over v2.61. I'm curious though, shouldn't Ubuntu be smart enough to know that newer versions gets priority over older ones? And shouldn't it be smart enough to tell me that I don't need it.

And lastly, I found out Opera 9.23 doesn't work with flashplugin-nonfree (v9). It seems that the said plugin only works with GTK browsers like Firefox and SeaMonkey/IceApe. No matter what we do, it just won't load in Konqueror and Opera - both Qt browsers.

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