Sunday, August 26, 2007

TP-Link TL-R860

Two weeks ago, I got myself a shiny new router so I can maximize my 1Mbps connection. I've been looking for a cheap one, and I managed to find one at Enigma Technologies. When shopping here in Baguio, I only go to two shops, Sigmatex and Enigma Technologies. I got my router at Enigma because it's only walking distance from my house.

It costs PhP1,800 and it's a wired router with 8 ports - plenty of room for upgrades. I might even resurrect my old P166 and P200 PC's if I need it. Nah, I didn't get a wireless router for one reason - I don't need it. So even though friends kept on pushing me to buy a wireless, I still settled for an 8-port wired one. And I haven't regretted it.

And here it is with my PLDT router (Zyxel P-600 Series - Model No. P-660R-D1)

I'll be posting my route configuration next, for FYI purposes.

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